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Whether you are a start-up or an established company, in charge of the marketing, communication or human ressources, makemyworlds is ready to provide you a full range of services across strategy, creation, production or technology. Are you looking for a P.R. event, a training center, or a e-commerce relay in a 3D style, we can help you.
about us
To provide you the best advise and gather the necessary elements to make your project successful, makemyworlds is engaged into a permanent research which leads to many partnerships in the whole world. Our main goal is to push creation and interactivity to give users the most qualitative experience.
And because we believe virtual worlds are part of the future, we are part of the community. We develop our own research & training center in Second Life, organize our clients meetings and demos in our virtual offices. We also use virtual worlds to sell our own creations. This way, we are not only consultants who advise, we know what we talk about !
If virtual worlds are engaging more users each day, we also know that it is still the early days as internet was in its time. This is why we think global new medias, and will suggest you web 2.0 alternatives to accompanies all processes you would start in virtual worlds.
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