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The Basic Virtual environment

Makemyworlds has designed different solutions to adjust to problematics and situations. Those solutions allow companies to enter into virtual worlds with simplicity and confidence. And by this way, to save money on travel, reduce carbon footprint and offer their targets, B2C or B2B, a real immersive user experience. Makemyworlds solutions can be used to:

We offer custom services to give companies all the tools they need and to support them as they move into the virtual world. Training and coaching are a must we include into all our offers since we know how it is important to adjust to a new medium. The very best way to find out how makemyworlds can help your company is to meet us. We will arrange private consulting in real life or into Second Life.

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As a Gold solution provider for Linden Lab, we are able to propose you the new Second Life Enterprise which allows you to own your own world on your own server.

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The BASIC is a package to fill the basic needs of your virtual offices in Second Life. Ideal for small business or individual professionnals. read moreread more
makemyworlds products for business
The King Virtual environment for business
The KING is a package for companies who would need larger space & personalization for meetings, media conference, exhibitions & events. read moreread more
The Corporate Virtual environment for business
The CORPORATE is a full package to operate effectively within Second Life in your own environment. Hosting, professionnal installation, customization, business tools, support & training will make your entry into the virtual world easy and confident.
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