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helene zuili
Helene Zuili has been working as an author, multimedia producer for 20 years. She is a webmarketing consultant & developed an expertise on virtual worlds where she founded her own brands & training center. She is a specialist in environment creation in Second Life since 2006.
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Kai-Michael Schmuck
Kai-Michael Schmuck works since more than 20 years as a marketing consultant in the IT- and Service-segment. After founding his own agency, he was responsible for marketing for a few international companies. Today he consults companies in Web 3.0, social marketing, SEO and in using virtual worlds and immersive internet as a business platform.
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inworld Kigh
Dedicated & passionated, our workteam is composed of the best creators, directors, builders, scripters, developpers able to bridge any real life project or application to your virtual world. read moreread more


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